Zendesk’s novelties presented at the 2019 Showcase

Zendesk, the customer service software company based in San Francisco, recently presented innovations at the Showcase held in London where Always do IT as a premium partner attended.

All the news launched are focused on the improvement of the user experience where it shows the importance of Customer Centric and the importance it has within companies.

Zendesk Sunshine – Connect all your customer data –

It is a flexible and open CRM platform running on AWS. It allows you to connect and understand perfectly all the data that a company has. Now, with this platform, it is possible to have systems that talk to each other and companies can take full advantage of the data. This is thanks to this platform that is designed to work with all business applications that the company has and to collect all interactions with the customer regardless of where they come from.

This platform is very fast and advanced. It offers the customer wide possibilities of customization, and they can use this data as they want.

Zendesk, takes its chest out of its platform and makes it available to all the companies it is currently working with, offering them the possibility of implementing this new strategy to get to know their clients better through all the data they have stored and to offer more segmented and personalized experiences.

Shushine empowers companies to innovate and grow by offering the best customer experiences.

Developers will also be able to create their applications to their liking since Sunshine is an open platform based on standards.

If you want to know more about Sunshine, click here to know all the data.


One of the announcements that had the greatest impact is Zendesk’s acquisition of the Canadian company Smooch.io, to connect and integrate all the conversations in one place. In this way, the client company has access from one place to all the conversations that have occurred from the various messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat with the end consumer.

This means that customer service departments will be able to follow the thread of a conversation with customers, no matter what channel they come from. Agents can easily switch between social messaging, chat, email, or phone calls from a unified workspace, and customers can interact in the channels that they choose.

Smooch.io is a big step towards improving customer service. Always giving a maximum ease to the user and providing a seamless communication experience.

The company will also increase the capacity of Zendesk’s embeddables, allowing companies to include personalized bot in their websites or mobile applications.

A breakthrough in improving omnicanality to ensure the best user experience.

Zendesk Duet – Connects sales and operations teams

That’s the idea behind Zendesk Duet, which brings together the sales automation and ticketing capabilities of the operations team in a single package. It is designed so that both the sales and operations teams have a complete view of customers from pre-sales to post-sales.

The goal is that everyone on both teams can easily have access to each other’s tools and unify customer conversations to get a complete picture of everything that has been discussed with the customer.

All companies can benefit from the flexibility and capabilities of this software that offers the customer a 360° experience.

These new features are part of Zendesk Suite. Offer companies everything that they need to make conversations with customers flow seamlessly from one channel to another and thus provide a better experience for the business of companies and for their customers.

Always do IT has almost 100 projects implemented with Zendesk and as a premium partner we know first-hand all the novelties and possibilities of the tool. If you need any advice, contact us! And we are looking forward to helping you improve.

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