Why maximize customer self-service?

What is customer self-service?

It means the ability of the customer to make inquiries about a product or service and get feedback online without contacting a company’s representative for any help or advice.

Customer self-service used to be an option in the past but now, it’s now very important in reducing the workload in the office and improving customers’ service.

With customer self-service software, you as a business owner can channel the energy of your staff on other administrative responsibilities.

You will also be able to focus on sales and productivity, and customer satisfaction can be improved.

Why do you need customer self-service software?

Your customers always expect quick feedback

Much of your competitors are online and not far from your potential customers. They appear on the social networks, search engines and as ads on other sites they visit.

If you can not provide easy and fast support, preferably around the clock for your client, then your much likely going to lose the competition. Your customers want multi-channel support

Customer self-service software can integrate different customer support such as explained video, case studies, FAQs, checklist and others in one dashboard.

It will reduce your operating cost

When you go for the best customer self-service software, customers will be able to make almost all operations independently. They will be able to make book an order, get invoice, pay and get receipt of payment.

They can get company’s details or other information without waiting for customer support agents, it can as well be integrated with IVR system to make it more comfortable all the time of the day.

When customers can do almost everything on their own, it will not improve customer experience but will reduce administrative cost on your part.

For example, software with IVR can automate calls and give feedback as if the customer is talking to a real human

It will increase productivity

With the customer self-service support software, your customers will be able to quick decision since feedback on their queries will be fast.

Also, they are able to make order any time of the day since everything is automated, both off time and weekends are good time for orders, therefore, revenue can be increased.

Similar to this, you’ll be able to generate more sales from customers from different time zone who are likely going to chop by the time office must have been closed.

Having the customer self-service software integrated with your business website is not enough, you should be able to collate data to help to improve on your services.

Here are some the things to consider while implementing the software.

It should be targeted towards the customers and not just for administrative comfort.

You should encourage feedback and use it towards improving your business, You should track answers/information that the customers are not satisfied with and improve in that regards.

You should make it as simple as possible. Simplify every term and consider the margin in the age of your customers.


Customer self-service is no more a thing to deliberate upon as business manager, it’s very important in this modern time to keep customers happy.

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