Why is it important to enroll an insurance with digital assistance?

We all have a phone, a computer or a tablet. But, what would you do if you don’t know how to install a software, or your computer runs very slow, or something just doesn’t work? Asking your friends for help or going to the neighborhood programmer takes a lot of time and nobody does it anymore. Now you can contract a digital assistance coverage with your home insurance and forget about any problem that may arise.

How do Users Rate Digital Assistance? In a survey conducted by Always On Technology, 50% of users stated that when having digital assistance is essential to have the possibility of contacting the company through any channel in order to resolve incidents or doubts immediately, which is known as omnichannel.

Having your problems resolved immediately along with being able to contact the company through any channel makes things even easier. What we know now as omnichannel has become a core value for users. That a specialist connects remotely to solve the problem at the moment you require is one of the advantages when hiring digital assistance. The companies that have contracted these services have improved the user experience and have obtained great savings. How can it be possible?

  • Call costs are reduced by solving problems faster. A customer service through a chat or remote assistance allows speeding up processes and resolving the doubt or incident almost instantly.
  • On-site coverage is enclosed in case the problem can not be solved by chat, so there will be nothing to worry about!

All these advantages are included in our digital assistance insurance. So, contact us if you don’t have it yet and you want to improve your users and customers experience, as well as saving costs and time by solving the incidents immediately.

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