What is Zendesk and why do you need it in your company

Customer service is an integral part of business management.

You can’t afford not to listen to your customers, soften their minds when they lodge complaints, and guide them to make the best decision.

Using ticketing system is a popular method of getting enquiries and feedback from customers on business sites.

However, just integrating a ticketing software with your online store or platform does not guaranty better customer service support unless you understand what you need and get the software that has the features to actualize it.

What is Zendesk ticketing system ?

Zendesk is one of the best ticketing program to provide customer support for your customers.

It’s a robust and flexible customer service system you can customize to suite your business.

Some followings are the features and reasons you need to choose Zendesk customer support system over other ticketing software for better inquiry desk support.

  • Self-support service

You can easily empower your potential consumers and regular customers with huge knowledge database, provide answers to most questions they may ask and lessen the rate of opening new ticket.

With Zendesk, customers can now get help on their own on the platform.

As a business owner, you’ll agree with me that most enquiries can be easily settled if you get your audience well informed right on your business site.

  • Varieties in the mode of communication

Varieties they say is the spice of life. The advantages of giving more opportunities to your customers to choose how they communicate with you can not be over emphasized

With the Zendesk system, customers have multi channels of commutation.

They can choose to contact on the live chat, using messenger or via voice support.

Many people now prefer voice support because it’s easy, fast and more relaxing making enquiries than typing with the keyboard, and Zendesk got your back here.

  • Making good use of customers data

You can make use of the Zendesk customer analytics to optimize your service, improve customer satisfaction and turn them to loyal clients who make repeated order.

Retaining customers is very important in today’s competitive business ecosystem, therefore, having rich data about your customers would help you in retaining them.

You’ll be able to offer better services that interest them more than your competitive, and also make adjustments when you realize new shift in their behavioral pattern, especially towards sales.

  • Bringing on the family-talk style

To build loyal clients, you should make communication less official.

A good way of doing this is by building online community for your clients. This is one of the merits of choosing Zendesk over others.

You can easily create a user friendly community with responsive themes from different options available.

Here, you’ll be closer to your clients and build stronger relationship outside of the support ticket.

It’s an avenue to bring your customers together, gather feedback and get ideas from them

You will also be able to publish high quality contents that explain your services, and procedures better with quality infographics.


Building huge customer base, getting them engaged, and making them happy are not just enough.

Getting them emotionally with your brand, and giving them a sense of ownership will make them addicted to shopping from you.

Zendesk customer engagement software will help you to build quality brand that stick to the minds of customers.

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