Unify your channels with Zendesk

Now that you’ve chosen Omnichannel support system for your business, and as well decided to use one of the best customer oriented support software, Zendesk, you’re poised to get the ball rolling.

Zendesk is an Omni-channel support program that helps to unify all channels and tools into one, both social media, tickets, email, chats etc into one. Also, Zendesk can be integrated with quite number of platforms, CMS and other applications, however, let’s look into some processes.

Integrating Zendesk with live chat or CMS

Depending on your platform, you can load the Zendesk chat widget on your site once it’s compatible with the JavaScript library or install one on your site before installing the widget.

Setting up with WordPress: If you’re on WordPress, what you need do is to search for the Zendesk chat plugin, install it and activate on your site.

You can now customize it to your theme and set other preferences. Setting up with live chat If you’re using a third party live chat on your site and you want to integrate Zendesk with it, simply search for the app in the directory of apps, install and connect it. Of course, you will be able to integrate a chatbot with your chat to improve the FCR of your customer service.

An authorization screen will pop-up and you will have to provide the details of your Zendesk address and user details.

Setting up Zendesk with Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social site, and having Zendesk making integration with him easy and free is something every business owner is happy about.

Simply go the admin board of your Zendesk account, go to channels and click on Facebook – you need to have logon to Facebook already.

Choose the Facebook page you want to connect, authentication is required and once verified on Facebook, you’ll be redirected back to Zendesk to choose your tab.

Your Facebook posts and other information will be pulled into the Zendesk account. Repeat this process for other Facebook pages, simple and easy.

Also, you will be able to integrate Facebook messenger too, with a chatbot included.

Setting up Zendesk with Twitter

Similar to Facebook integration, you can also select Twitter from the channels and connect from your admin dashboard.

You’ll be prompted to validate your access to your Twitter account, and once logon, you can authorize the app and customize your account.

Once connected, you will be able to convert tweet replies, messages, and even brand mentions to tickets.

Setting up Zendesk with Instagram account

You can try Instagram integration with Zendesk free for 14 days. Install the instachannel from the marketplace, connect it and add your Instagram account.

You’ll need to sign in to your Instagram account before you can continue the integration. Afterwards, Instagram messages will be converted as tickets and you can monitor your brand mentions and reply to complaint, inquiries, and feedback messages without logging in to your social accounts.


Zendesk is one of the most reliable support software that can help you actualize your Omni-channel marketing goal. It supports hundreds of content management software and other apps.

Think of the well known social networks in the market, I’m sure it can be connected with your Zendesk account and you don’t need to reply to messages from each social account, everything can be accessed from one dashboard on Zendesk.

This way you will improve your Customer Experience or CX and the Support Service response time guaranteeing greater customer loyalty and increasing your sales ratios.

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