Some key points about good customer service

As we have already seen, the trend is that artificial intelligence, such as Chatbots, will be integrated with customer service. Still, the human voice remains important and more than 60% of the interactions in the call centers remain based on human voice.

Our customer service will be the first contact of our customers with the company many times. As is often said, the first impression is the one that counts. If our service promises excellence, it should start with our phone service.

According to the study carried out by NewVoiceMedia, companies lost about $75 billion dollars due to poor customer service during 2018. Poor customer service is often one of the main reasons why customers decide to change company. We all hate waiting times on calls, rude or inefficient employees, etc.

Therefore, it is capital not to underestimate the importance of good customer service. Remember, it’s as important customer as care.

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