Improve customer satisfaction with Zendesk

One thing that can make your customers stick to your service is to get them satisfied. You may not be able to offer the best service, however, improving the customers’ experience will make you win their hearts.

Since the best way to connect with your customers is to offer discussion forum and interactive chat system, you can be able manage their request to there the best interest when you offer a customer support channel built with a credible ticketing system like Zendesk.

Implementing Zendesk help desk will not just improve your agents’ efficiency but also help to improve the customer satisfaction as well as their experiences.

Let’s take a look into the reasons Zendesk would enhance customer service experience.

● You can check inquiries from different channels at one time
Zendesk is omnichannel, it offers different support channels and integrate them in a dashboard in which you can check customers’ inquiries from different channels on a single interface.

This will make it easy to attend to different inquiries from your different social accounts, support ticket, live chat etc and it will improve your response rate and also enhance customer’s experience.

● It offers more customer support channels
Your customers would like to be given options in the way they can reach out to you. Several customer satisfaction surveys have revealed that customers prefer being able to choose how they lodge their complaints. Since Zendesk is omnichannel, customers can make their opinions known to you through more than one channel, and these channels can all be accessed on one interface.

● Inquiries can be redirected to the appropriate personnel easily
The customers’ data are easily made available, so also customers can be put into different classes using several parameters as deem fit.
Coupled with the agent and department routing system, a customer support personnel can easily refer a client’s ticket to the appropriate officer who’s saddled with the responsibility to offer solution to such inquiry.
You can also copy another personnel to continue from where you stopped if you don’t want to reassign the responsibility.

● It helps to simplify conversation
If you run business online or/and having business that’s not Geo targeted, you’re much likely going to have customers from different parts of the world.
Even when your customers can relate with you in your official business language, there’s stronger bond between you and your clients if you can converse with them in their individual native language. Of course, you can learn hundreds of languages but with Zendesk, your customers can lodge their concerns in their native language, and you get it auto translated to yours, and once you reply, they will also get your message in their own local language.

If you run any business, no matter how small or big it is, and be it online or offline, getting feedback from customers is very important in making decision towards improving your products and services.

If there’s a good way to collect facts on how customers feel about your products, then it must be with the help of helpdesk, and Zendesk has got you covered in this regard.

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