Facebook messenger: News for this 2019 that will improve communication with your customers.

New technologies have introduced new communication models, with Facebook Messenger being one of the most relevant.

Following the “F8” conference on May 1, we have seen a series of novelties that will update the omnipresent messaging app on Facebook. First, the social networking giant presented Project LightSpeed, a completely rebuilt Messenger. The app will weigh only 30mb in size compared to the previous 100mb.

Our ticketing platform allows us to interact through Messenger directly with customers. This way we can reach the 1.2 billion users who have Messenger to provide a faster and more proactive support. Customers can receive support, updates and notifications as directly in his messaging app.

In second, they revealed that they will launch a Messenger desktop app for Windows and MacOS. On the same way that the whatsapp web app, this Messenger desktop really just will mirrors our smartphone.

Project LightSpeed is currently being tested and will launch around the world later in 2019.

In any case, companies want a unique and integrated place to manage all the interactions that occur in different channels, like chat, phone, email and messaging applications like Facebook Messenger.

We believe that interacting with the customer by any channel makes a difference. Having an omni-channel strategy prevents inconsistency in the strategic plan, eliminating obstacles that may exist for communication and improving the quality service and customer service.

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