Can the Chatbots maintain a natural conversation?

This is the great question of our time: “Could one day a chatbot make a human believe that he is also a human being?”

The Chatbots are, at present, one of the fashionable terms within the scope of Digital Marketing and, according to a Gartner report, it is estimated that for 2020 a quarter of all customer service operations will be handled by Chatbots.

A chatbot is a program that mimics conversation with people through artificial intelligence. Can help companies maintain a more efficient and fast communication with their customers 24 hours a day, as they help streamline the support team’s processes and improve the quality service.

Surely you’ve ever been disgusted to see that a chatbot did not understand what you requested and demanded to be taken care of by an operator. It should be taken into account that, depending on the degree of intelligence, the chatbot will influence in a positive or negative way the customer experience.

“The Chatbots will become the main source of information for consumers in 2020”

The key is that chatbots be smart enough to understand language in the same way that a person would. Chatbots are able to process large volumes of information, they can identify different spelling errors and some common expressions. But it should be taken into account that it takes a lot of training time and some advances in terms of artificial intelligence to make the chatbots adapt 100% to simulate a real conversation with people.

The chatbots have come to stay! All with the main objective of improving the customer experience in the companies. Do you want to adapt to today’s needs to improve communication with your customers or prefer to continue using old tools that will not allow you to improve or grow as a brand?

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