Benefits of outsourcing IT support

An enterprise needs someone who offers IT support. But is it a position that really needs to be integrated into the workforce? This technological assistance can be perfectly carried out by a third party. Outsourcing offers multiple benefits, like counting with dedicated IT experts and being a cost-saving service. 

Helpdesk, the perfect IT support for SMEs

Helpdesk is the department in charge of answering technical IT questions from users. It is very common for companies to don’t count with this service, because they outsource it to other specialized companies that offer this support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year through email, online chat or telephone. 

Their work focuses on incident or service request management (e.g., if you don’t know how to install new software on your computer) and also provides support in case of miscommunication or any change in the services. In other words, it is the point of contact to which users can talk if they have IT needs.   

Why outsource technology support to IT?

This practice, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, offers advantages for companies and their employees.

Better response times

Generally, when services of this type are required, an optimal response time is expected. This is because if the problem is not solved immediately, it may cause problems to other workers in the organization.  

Having an external company that offers continuous services from experts will increase productivity and leave space to analyze whether more staff is needed.

Ranking of problems according to their importance

IT professionals’ experience make possible to organize and solve problems according to their relevance and priority.  Some of the most common are:

– Equipment deconfiguration.

– Network failure.

– Lack of memory in computers, which is solved by expansion.

– Problems with the software, either by the program itself or by lack of training of the employee who’s using it. 

In addition, having a ticket system facilitates the analysis of whether the problem has already been asked before, speeding up the resolution and being able to check if it is something specific or has another more serious problem within.


This is the most interesting point for business leaders. After all, SMEs tend to look for the most efficient methods of saving in order to reinvest in other aspects that are more important for their growth. Having external experts can facilitate saving costs, as productivity is improved and problems are solved quickly. In addition, it’s always cheaper to outsource than to have a person dedicated only to that area, since there will be many times when their work is practically non-existent.

Any company could count multiple other benefits from outsourcing IT support. It is only necessary to contact IT experts such as Alwaysdoit, they adjust to particular needs and requirements and offer the best service.

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